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A pistol permit allows a person to carry or transport a weapon legally in the State.
Pistol Permits are only issued to residents of the State of New Hampshire, non-resident persons must go to the NH State Police to receive a non-resident permit. To receive a pistol permit, you first must complete a NH Resident pistol/revolve license form. You can download the PDF file by clicking the link below or visit any NH police station to gain a hard copy of the form. The form must be completed and brought back to the Strafford Police Department or town where you reside. There is a general fee of 10 dollars for each permit submitted, to be brought to the station upon approval of the license, by the Chief of police.
Police departments would like to encourage the citizens of Strafford to exercise their Second Amendment rights to obtain a New Hampshire pistol permit, or concealed weapons permit. Anyone 18 and older and who hasn't been convicted of a felony or certain domestic violence offenses is eligible to obtain a permit.

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