Title Picture 

Building View with Curisers

The Strafford Police fleet consists of 6 vehicles. The four vehicles in the picture above are the main patrol units. The fifth, which not in the picture is an older model Impala which is soon to be retired (out of service).

General patrol duties are mainly done in one of two 2010 Chevy Impalas (below). Both units are fully equipped with blue police lights, sirens and all other necessary equipment to enable the patrol officer to perform his duties quickly and proficiently during his shift.

Lt. Michael Richard is currently a member of the Strafford County TAR Unit (Technical Accident Reconstruction Unit). This team of officers reconstructs major accidents in order to help understand who was at fault, and to analyze other important conditions of an accident. Lt. Richard's patrol vehicle consists of a newer model ford expedition. This vehicle is fully equipped with all of the essential tools the TAR Unit needs to reconstruct accidents. (Vehicle shown below)

Expo Rear View


The town of Strafford has many miles of trails and class six roads not suitable for a normal patrol car. Throughout the year officers will patrol these wooded areas with the department ATV (Artic at 4x4). This ATV is also fully equipped with blue lights, siren, and a mobile computer. The ATV was purchased with money received from a grant in 2003.