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Welcome to the Strafford New Hampshire
Police Department

Bike Safety
The Strafford Police Department is holding its second annual kids bike safety day on Saturday June 22nd, 2019 from 9:00am to 1:00pm. We invite all parents and kids ages (3-12) from Strafford and surrounding towns to come join us. We ask that you bring a bicycle and helmet for each child attending. There will be bicycle and helmet safety checks followed by a road course in the parking lot behind the police station. A police K-9 handler will have a presentation at 11am, and there will be food and other activities throughout the morning. Children who live in Strafford will have the opportunity to register their bikes through the department, and receive a registration sticker to put on their bikes. We encourage all parents to preregister their child by clicking the link below. Every child who preregisters will receive one raffle ticket when they arrive at the event. Raffle tickets will also be available to everyone who attends for $1.00 a ticket. First place winner will receive a gift card to Goodales Bike Shop in Concord. Second place will receive a bike gift basket. Raffle winners will be announced around 12:30pm. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 603-664-5644. Bike safety is everyone's responsibility and we hope to see you Saturday June 22nd!

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The Strafford Police Department provides a number of services to the community that go above and beyond patrols, emergency response, and ongoing criminal investigations. The officers and staff of the Strafford Police Department are a team of professionals dedicated to providing each resident the highest and most responsive level of service  possible. Many of us not only work here, but have chosen to live and raise a family here as well. Being active members of the community in which we work gives us a unique appreciation of the needs and concerns of its residents - our neighbors. The Strafford Police Department consists of five full-time and 2 part-time officers. A full range of law enforcement services are provided, including neighborhood safety, and year-round property checks.

Bike Registration Tags

Strafford residents now have the ability to register their children's bicycles at the police department. Every bike that is registered through the department will be given a specific registration number with a weather proof sticker that will be placed on the bike. If the bike is ever lost or stolen and recovered by the police department we can promptly return the bike to its owner. We encourage all parents to come by the station during normal business hours or call to set up a time to meet with an officer to register their bike(s).

House Check/ Property Check

When you go out of town, whether for a weekend or an extended vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety and security of your home or property. Furthermore, as safe as Strafford is, an empty or abandoned property can be an open invitation to criminal activity. The Strafford Police Department recognizes this and has instituted a House and Property Check program. Simply click the link above to complete a house check/ property check online form then click submit, the form will automaticly be sent to the police department via email. Our officers will include your property and outside vehicles on their day and night patrols, paying special attention to any damage or unexpected activity.

Meet and Greet

The Strafford Police Department recognizes that even within our very small community each neighborhood - or resident - has concerns and questions unique and relevant to them. In striving to provide the highest possible level of service, we would be happy to schedule a “Meet and Greet” in your neighborhood or home to review and deal with any concerns you may have. Is it Town Meeting time, and you’re wondering why we need another officer? Let’s talk about that. Are you fed up with speeding cars in front of your home? Maybe we can help. Let us give you some information. The Police Department may not always be able to help, but it helps us all to be more aware.

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